Built on hard work and sacrifice. In 1892 my Great Grandfather, Faustino, was born to a single mother. He would leave school at a young age to work, the only remedy to starvation. Employed as a garbage collector for the Navy and working as a farmer to survive, he could not read and write, or speak English. Faustino worked endlessly throughout his life to provide for his family, five sons and a wife. He would always be the last to eat, and when he did he would eat the scraps if he ate at all. Faustino’s main concern was always making sure his family had their fill. He never faltered or complained about his life, and was happy as long as his family were fed and taken care of. The life and love he had for the Charfauros Clan, along with his passion for Guam music inspired the foundation of "The Charfauros Brothers". With love he taught his sons the one joy he had when not working tirelessly, music and the guitar. The Charfauros Brothers would challenge an entire community to honor their roots. They would go on to write and perform music, create a radio station unlike any other, coach other singers in using their culture as a leading influence in their art, and inspire generations of singers and radio personalities. Born of humble beginnings, a father, his sons, and a guitar, they formed a legacy earning them the label, “Pioneers of Chamorro Music”. From the love and sacrifice of a dutiful father, and the willingness to teach them the passion of music true to their culture, Oba Skoba was born. Yelled out with pride at every musical performance by the Charfauros brothers, “Oba Skoba” means over the top. 
Where life brings you, what life brings you, don’t just survive. Live over the top. Make your legacy Oba Skoba.